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::: Types and Styles :::

Q:  What types of shapes do you have available?

A:  Please go to the “Samples” section to view specific design ideas, including categories of all our popular and stock designs.  We have one (1) standard* shape:

Rectangular, 7/8” x 3”:                

* Please note we are working on a Medallion/Oval shaped band due to be available Fall 2010.

Q:  Can I give you my company logo or photograph to put on the label?  Does it cost more?

A:  We can take your custom logo, photograph, or other digital design (EPS files are the best, but we’ll take a JPG) and our design team will incorporate it for a one-time $39.95 custom art charge.  Please indicate that you will be sending artwork to and we will match your artwork to your order.  You MUST ORDER via the website with a credit card prior to our design team beginning work.

Q:  Can you mock up a design for me?

A:  We also have a library of art that we can use to make something custom just for you ($39.95 one-time additional charge still applies).  Just email us and tell us what you are looking for, then our design team will give you an idea of what they can do and you can place your order.  Remember, we provide a digital high resolution PDF proof via email once you place an order for approval which will ensure your satisfaction.

Q:  How many colors can I put on my Custom Cigar Label?

A:  Typically, if over five (5) colors are used, the $39.95 custom artwork design charge will be applied to your order.  There is really no theoretical “limit” to the number of colors.  We’ll work with you to come up with what you want.

Q:  Do you do foil-stamping on labels?

A:  No, we do not do foil-stamping.

Q:  How do I put the labels on the cigars?

A:  Putting the bands on your cigars is very easy.  Just get a glue stick, put a little dab under the end of the band's right side.  Tuck the left side around the cigar and then lay the right side over.  That's it; your cigar band is on!  Our bands will accommodate most ring sizes, but tend to look best on 48 – 52 rings.  Please click here to see a video demonstration of applying bands to your cigars.

Q:  Can I see my Proof before I purchase?

A:  No, we must have a completed order including:  all credit card information, email, shipping address, appropriate additional shipping and production charges for rush orders.  We are in business to ensure satisfaction, but also to stay in business.  We have been providing this service since 1997 and have learned that this policy works the best for our clients and  All orders receive an Adobe PDF digital proof via email.  We don’t print and ship the order until you like what you receive during the proof process.

Q:  Does sell cigars?

A:  No, we do not.  However, we have many referral sources to point you to.  Feel free to email us or call us and we can discuss where you are geographically to get our best referral retail cigar sources in your area.  We can also point you to our friends on the web that ship direct.

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::: Quantities :::

Q:  Can I order less than 100 labels?

A:  Yes, but the minimum pricing must remain the same.  This is a high-touch, custom quality process, and we provide the lowest minimum order quantities available on the web.

Q:  Can I order more than 300 labels at a time?

A:  Yes, please see the following pricing chart for higher quantities:

1000 labels = $179.97

2000 labels = $249.97

3000 labels = $349.97

• On the first order, there is a one-time, $ 39.95 one-time art work charge.

• If label art stays the same, we will not charge that additional $ 39.95 for subsequent orders.

• Changes in label size (different size cigars) are allowed on future orders with no additional   charge (1000 minimum order quantity).

• Minimum order is 1000. 10-14 day lead time once digital proof is approved and we will probably mail a hard proof just to make sure you approve.

• Please send your artwork file in an attachment of the best quality possible for our designers.

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::: Lead Times :::

Q:  How long will my order take?

A:  We need ten (10) business days to get your order to you.  Sometimes they get there sooner!  As a way to sort of help you understand this process, the approximate breakdown of that time is as follows:

• Day One =  Order is placed

• Day Two/Three = Digital proof is prepared and e-mailed to you

• Day Three to Five  =   You get around to approving proof via email and    emailing us the “OK”

• Day Five/Six = We print, cut and ship your order

• Day Six to Ten = Shipping Time via UPS Ground

Please note that weekends are not factored in this time chart and may, in fact, accelerate the process, or possibly add a day or two.  Ten (10) business days is something we strive to achieve and usually do so.  It is not a guarantee, so if you need your order more quickly, please read on for more options.

Q:  I need a rush order, what do I do?  How much will that cost?

A:  If you need it in 5 days or less, it will cost you an additional $30.00 Rush Charge, plus a $29.95 UPS Overnight Air charge, so the total rush charge is $59.95 (plus the cost of the labels).   If you need the labels in less than 10 days, but more than 5 days, we won’t ding you with a $30.00 rush charge, but we will charge you $29.95 for UPS Overnight Air charge.

Q:  I need Custom Cigar Labels tomorrow, can you help?

A:  Sorry, but probably not.

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::: Shipping and Handling :::

Q:  How are labels delivered?

A:  Your Custom Cigar Labels will arrive in a small, protected bubble pack via UPS Ground.  The cost of basic shipping and handling is included in ALL orders placed.  Please refer to the Lead Times section directly above for rush orders and associated shipping charges.  Overnight Air is available.

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